New PartyPoker Client Features

In preparation for their assault on the new U.S. poker market, PartyPoker has been redesigned. The new logo and poker client undoubtedly refreshes the ageing image of this well-established brand, with recreational players sure to be pleased by a site that looks after their interests.

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The new logo does little to hide an undercurrent of controversial changes that have upset profitable grinders. As mentioned, newcomers and recreational losing players are favoured by the new PartyPoker client by a table selection system that pitches profitable players against each other. Meanwhile, recreational players are protected from PartyPoker's 'sharks' and can enjoy the game against players of a similar winrate and skill level as calculated by the client. 

PartyPoker is already known for being one of the most expensive poker rooms in terms of deposits and withdrawals, with fees charged for many transactions. The new client has added to this reputation with extra charges now imposed on Neteller withdrawals. As the first major poker room to introduce such a charge - and during such a wholescale client update - PartyPoker are playing a dangerous game with their shrinking userbase. In the interests of fairness, let us look at their new features:

Player Missions

Player Missions encourage PartyPoker players to sign-up to challenges, whereby they must amass a certain amount of PartyPoker reward points before a self-assigned date in order to secure a cash reward. Again, this caters well to the recreational player - with the arcade game nature of this promotion sure to be popular with casual gamers. 


Allied to the missions are the new achievements, which reward players for accomplishing certain poker skills in a real money environment. With the premise of building up players to higher levels, these achievements can be compared against those of friends. 

Friends Feed

The PartyPoker friends feed allows you to keep up with the play of your buddies and monitor their achievement accomplishments. Aside from the obvious social enjoyment benefits for recreational players, this feature undoubtedly has some benefits for high stakes grinders who wish to find their targets. Whether or not the PartyPoker client would allow sharks to actually sit with targets of an inferior win rate remains to be seen. 


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